Help help help finding older horror/thriller film

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Okay so, I’ve tried everything and I really need some help trying to figure out what this film is, could be a show, but I don’t believe so.

At the beginning a film, there’s a fisherman and his dog near the water on an island. The dog disappears, makes some weird noises, and the fisherman finds her dead nearby. She’s been killed by strange creatures in the water.

Skip to a group of teenagers/young adults travelling to the island. I can’t remember how they got stranded, but they were now stranded on this island with small, alligator-like creatures in the water.

They find an old, creepy shack and walk into it, and find an old woman sitting in a chair. They walk around to face her because she doesn’t answer them, I believe they also know her somehow, but find that she’s dead with her arms and legs completely shredded from being partially eaten from these creatures.

There’s also a segment where a man, who I remember being some sort of antagonist, digging a hole on the beach. He doesn’t realize that he’s been surrounded by the creatures, and they swarm him and eat him, but the audience doesn’t see this, we just hear him screaming from the inside of the hole.

I also remember various scenes in which the teens are on the water, sometimes in a boat and sometimes in a make-shift raft trying to escape the island.

So I believe it’s a horror film about a group of teens/young adults stuck on an island with strange alligator-like creatures in the water that are trying to eat them. I’ve been searching for this film for years with nothing to show, despite having clear memories of these scenes. Thanks fo anyone who reads this to throw out suggestions!!

Virgoean Unselected an answer Dec 15, 2020

sea beast?

There are quite a few of these water creature features. Did they look like crocs/gators in a traditional way (lake placid 2, rogue)? What year did you see it? Any memories of anything else, including names of characters and dvd cover?

Virgoean Edited comment Dec 15, 2020

Wow, thanks! I think that’s very close! It seems very, very similar, but the creatures were smaller and they looked more like crocodiles.
I read the synopsis of the plot and although it’s close, it didn’t have any of scenes I remember there being.
I remember seeing around the years 2007 – 2009, I remember it was airing on a channel instead of being DVD we owned, so that means it could have been new at that point, but it still could have been older than 2007.