…This is considered a sci-fi film…Released sometime between 2017-2019? Okay in this movie…in this earth reality…Living is quite different…because in this world…humans are only allowed to live until the age of 30(or is it 20? I think 30).
So the way you choose to live out these 30 years, understandably so, most try to live it to the fullest. But in each household there’s a sort of capsule or small room that you voluntarily “surrender your life/your existence”. So most people will have an intimate gathering with close friends and family that care deeply about…to “celebrate this sort of crossing over if you will. Okay so the movie opens with all of this…unfortunately this was one of those indie, not as well known titles…but I was completely reeled in from the start. I never got past that part!!! had something come up in the middle of watching it:(. I cant for the life of me figure out the title of this film.

If this sounds familiar…or if someone knows the title of this…please share. I would greatly appreciate it!!!

Thank You

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Maybe “in time” or “the thinning” with Logan Paul?

Thank you…”VHS_lives” for the response….I’ve actually seen both of those…both great movies…”in time” I really liked…unfortunately not the one that I’m speaking of 🙂 Again,,, thanks!

That plot set-up is exactly the same as Logan’s Run, and similar to The Island… maybe search for “movies like” just in case