Help me find a movie about abducted wife that her husband finds in a barn in cages with other woman

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It’s about a kidnapped wife that everybody thinks that is dead but her husband is still searching for her. He gets clue when he notices in a pawnshop or somewhere like that their wedding/engagement ring and follows the clue going through tha people to the source. He finds the kidnapper and shoots him only to find his wife in a barn with other kidnapped woman that are kept in cages. He rescues her but she doesn’t want to leave and cause a car accident where both of them die. Kidnapper survives and continues his “lifestyle”.

I can’t remember the movie name :(.

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“Pawn Shop Chronicles” (2013)

Quote from this IMDb review page:
“The movie begins and ends at a pawn shop where it’s owner, Alton (D’Onofrio), spends most of his time chitchatting with his friend Johnson (McBride). Different characters come in there throughout the day all trying to pawn a different item and their stories all intersect (and overlap). One is a honeymooning couple where the groom (Dillon) finds his missing wife’s wedding ring.

The IMDb keywords for the movie include “car crash” and “locked in a cage“.

I am pretty sure that this is the movie you are looking for. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer by clicking on the “Select” button.

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