Help me find this movie ,pls…i’ve been searching it for months .


I’ve been strugling to find one I’ll try to describe the most important moments in the movie :”THe movie begins how little boy is sad and dark and after some time he meets a bully and his 2,3 friends in the forest and tells the bully the exact date he will die and then bully punch him and they go away (ofcouse he was making things up just to scare the bully).THen he goes back to his house and sees an item(i think it was a sandwatch or maybe some Biology stuff like a book or stuffed animal )that belonged to his father…his father in the end of the movie is shown how he commits suicide. So in the middle of the movie..he is a troubled teen and goes outside with new friends and gets drunk and has fun.Before the end of the movie, the teen argues with his mother and step father and tell them that they are ignorant and similar stuff…but he was angry and drunk at this moment. And shortly after that in the there is like a skip in the movie and shows some kind of foggy for a period and then crystal clear view of him watching from the forest his dad standing on the edge of a bridge and then jumping(this is what his memory was I assume) ..After that the teen was standing at the same place where his dad was standing before he commit suicide and he doesn’t jump, instead cries and feels relieved and returns back to his home somehow feeling lighter and happier and the movie ends like that .The main character(the teen) is slim skinny actor with short brown hair i think.Maybe it was sundance film festival movie.
The movie is pretty recent maybe from last 10 years because i remember i watched it with pretty good quality and they were talking English …it may be Netflix.
This is pretty much what happens in the movie but sadly i don’t remember the names of the cast .
I would be extremely thankful if someone can find the name of this movie !!!

Answered question

No it’s not but thx for guess ! 🙂

Since the suicide is more of a spoiler reveal at the end, what might you describe the plot as without mentioning suicide?

Well the memory of the boy which is shown in the end of the movie (how his father suicides and he watches from the forest near the bridge) just completes the puzzle – Why the boy had no biological father …I don’t think it was shown before that in the movie .
If i had to describe the plot …I think it was something like a serie of events happen to teen with troubled/sad past while now he has trouble at his family(doesn’t get along with his mother)and will see how things will change for him .
If you find this movie I’ll donate you money bro…I’m just sad trying to find this movie for months now . Also if this helps .. I think I saw the movie before +- 5 years or so. So it shouldn’t be too old .Maybe this movie is from Sundance film festival or Netflix because I couldn’t find it …if it was from Hollywood or Legendary productions and etc. I would have found it …Also I think i saw before that male character but I didn’t know his name back then.