Help me identify these 2 horror movies i saw as a kid.


I don’t have much memory of either of these movies. I saw them both as a kid before 1997 in Yugoslavia maybe as early as 1990. I think the actors spoke English but I could be wrong. I was born in 1985 so whenever children start developing memories?
The first movie takes place at an orphanage in a wooded area, or maybe a children’s hospital. The staff is real mean and abuse the kids. In the woods is some sort of ghost owl girl, I remember being scared of her, but whoever I was watching the movie with told me shes was there to protect the children. There was a scene where the ghost owl girl kills a male staff member for abusing the kids in the orphanage/hospital. Another scene has the ghost girl walking outside the building near some trees as someone watches her from inside through a window. The ghost owl girl wore long white ropes, her face was white and I recall she had real dark/black eyes. I think it was her robes that made her look like an owl, they looked like wings.
The second movie I remember even less about. In fact its one scene that I remember. Some guy opens a door inside a regular house that leads to an open dark room that has stairs that seems to go down forever. Everything looked sort of surreal inside. The guy eventually makes it down the stairs where he encounters a large muscular humanoid cobra monster that wants to kill him. The closest thing I seen that looks like this monster is if you google image “mcfarlane toys sanskar”.
If you anyone knows anything about these movies let me know.

Stjepan Answered question Oct 3, 2021

The one with the “owl girl” seems like “They (The Children of the Mist)” from 1993, loosely based on Kipling’s story:
It was shown in Yugoslavia as Djeca magle:
I have seen it about five years ago and remember little besides the “owl girl” and the fact that I prefered the story to a film.

As for the second film, snake-people were often featured in Asian horror films, although I doubt they would be shown in Yugoslavia (Asian imports were mostly Hong Kong action films and high-brow flicks like Kurosawa’s pictures). I’ll take a look into it, since I am also interested.

EDIT: Could the second one be Dreamscape?

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