Help me to find the title of this movie

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Hello. I have been trying to remember the name of a movie for a long time (about 8 years). I hope someone can finish this long term torment.

The language of movie is French. I think it is some kind of an art movie, since I couldn’t give any meaning to any scene of it. And colors of it was not bright but one might say they were pastel colors, like smooth pastel paintings.

There are 2 main characters -man and women- in the movie, who are married, I suppose. And I don’t remember seeing secondary character or much figurants.

I remember 2 scenes that are striking to me and that are not possible to forget. One of which is the scene of dance moves of a yellow pullover in the air of a room. I think it was first on a table, then it slowly started moving and floating in the air. Dance moves were kind of artistic moves as expected from an art movie.

The second scene/moment is the scene of the Moon’s getting bigger.

I am not sure, but that scene might be right after the man ran by the sea/beach.

In the movie, the couple was hardly communicate to each other. There were not much dialogue, one might easily say that the silence dominated throughout the movie.

That couple, as far as I remember, was not happy. They seemed like they have problems.

I can tell it was pretty boring movie. Throughout, I waited for an end or a scene that they would connect things instead of finishing the movie suddenly (or I didn’t understand the end if there was an end).

I hope there is somebody other than me who watched this movie and can tell the name of it.

Thanks in advance.

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