Help me to find this 2000’s Baseball Movie

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The movie that I’m looking for have the following details:
– The main character is a pitcher, but due a some injures can’t reach the major leagues
– One of the characters is a Baseball’s Scout that usually use his poker cards’ deck to pick his prospects (In one scene, when the main character gets badly injured, someone accidentally knocks down the cards’ deck)
– He helped a minor league teammate to become a better batter, allowing him to be signed for the New York Yankees.
– The main character looses a girlfriend because of he (unconsciously) compared her with his ex-girlfriend (that apeared in an adults magazine).

That’s the things that I can remember of the movie. I started to watch the film in the middle of it and I couldn’t fininsh it, I don’t know the name of any of its cast.

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major league back to the minors?
the pitcher and the pin-up?

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The Pitcher and the Pin-Up!!! Thank you!