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Hey guys im in bad mood… I remember when I was kid I watch a movie whit subject things after death there was a yong guy was death and his gohst waked up and turn around city he couldnt do any thing and touch any thing that was annoying him after a wile he founded a older ghost that he tried learn him how touch things and finally he could shout a coka bottel..

Please if u remember tell me Im in mad mood in my life

Tim Answered question May 26, 2022

Perhaps Ghost, a USA film from 1990 that starred Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. In that movie, another ghost teaches Swayze how to use his emotions to move physical objects. The first object Swayze moves is a Coke can. That scene is on youtube. I’ll post the youtube link so you can decide if Ghost is the movie you are looking for.

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