High-school comedy.

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Genre: Comedy, romance.

Release date: I guess between 1990 and 2019.

Maybe it’s set in Portugal.
A graduating high school class is about to go on a school trip at the beginning of the summer but they can’t decide between two possible destinations.
One is some sort of party place, the other is somewhat more square, a place in France.
The main guy is in a pickle because he promised his friends that he’ll vote for “destination A” but the girl he likes, wants to go to “destination B”.
The voting turns out to be a draw so they agree that they’ll decide where to go with a friendly competition. Each group has to raise money and the team which gathered more by the deadline is the winner and they’ll decide where to go.
Near the beginning of the movie the protogonist guy is hit by a car while skateboarding to school and breaks his arm.
His father is a coffin maker.
The main guy’s first move on his love interest was giving her his jacket, while she was waiting outside for a ride home after a party they both attended. Having drank a lot of booze they vomit shortly after this at the same time.
There is a scene where a few guys decide to donate sperm as part of their effort to raise as much money as possible. One of them screws up by shooting across the room on the TV instead of into the container.
During prom night the main guy has sex with the girl he liked in a bathroom stall and after that he realizes that he don’t really love her.
Some students secretly record two teachers having sex during prom night.
That’s it, thanks for reading through it.

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It was mainly in spanish?