His father has dementia, his mother committed suicide and he helps a prostitute

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Hi please excuse my descriptios ,my memory is really bad. I saw a movie long back and can’t remember any of the actors or names or anything. If you can help me find it I appreciate it. What I remember the main character of the movie was a guy maybe in his twenties. His father is dying in the hospital from dementia and the hospital call him to come see him. He lives alone, he takes the train/bus back to his apartment and there is a prostitute in the back giving a blowjob to a man then the man refuse to pay her and she gets so upset so our guy help her and takes her to sleep in his apartment/studio. She thinks he wants something in return but he was doing all this just to help her. He takes her to get her tested for HIV and she eventually tests positive. They develop some kind of friendship. We get flashbacks from his childhood that he saw his mom dead and naked on the bathroom floor. She committed suicide.

VHS_Lives Answered question Dec 14, 2020