Hitman becomes obsessed with a young woman and writes her anonymous love letters.

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watched a movie years ago and could never find it.
Category: Drama for sure
A high-school girl catches the attention of a hitman. He writes her an anonymous love letter but her boyfriend takes the credit for it. The hitman kills him. Then she’s in college has a new lover the hitman sends her anonymous letters again he kills her professor who was also her lover. She is slowly falling in love with the man behind the anonymous letters but also realizing he is the man killing the ones she loves. (During all of this there are parts where he is assassinating people.)At the end of the movie after screaming in a cafe or post office after receiving another letter shes yelling I know your here! Show yourself! Finally at end of movie he calls? She sees him at corner of street from her window in the city and as she runs down stairs to finally be face to face hes walking across the street they are walking towards one another a van comes around the corner the door opens, and bam hes shot up! she runs to him and he dies in her arms.
What!?! Please tell me you know the name of this movie.

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Foreign movie?

not sure but I thought the title might be in French.

This movie was found on another site years ago. I can’t find it now, it must have been deleted. The hitman sees the girl on the subway. Then he follow.


Not sure if it was a foreign movie but I always thought the title was French. They spoke English in movie but looked like she studied abroad maybe?

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