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A Hollywood movie is very depressing.

In the beginning, a couple went on a trip, and his wife tried on clothes, but she disappeared and disappeared.

A long time later, the husband came here again, went to the store to buy things, and found his wife’s wedding ring. Later, he found the place where his wife was locked up, a villain, the man’s house. When he went to drink water at his house, the man saw his wife’s photo on the refrigerator, he broke the bad guy’s teeth and forced him to tell where his wife was confined, as well as several women in the cellar. The bad guy was killed and everyone was released by the man. The male lead took his wife and drove away. In the car, the wife was in a nervous state and killed the male lead with a knife.

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Maybe the second segment of the anthology of stories titled “Pawn Shop Chronicles” (2013)?

Quote from the IMDb synopsis:
a man looking for his kidnapped wife

The husband finds the wedding ring of his wife in a pawn shop, and according to the IMDb keywords for the movie, there are “stabbed in the chest” and “stabbed to death” in the movie.

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