horror/thriller movie ending at a wharehouse with survillence camera screens namr

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I watched this movie 6 years ago so not much memory on what happened. I remember it being horrorish/thriller and a family most likely parents and a young boy and at the end of the movie they drive to this wharehouse/building that has screens of camera suvillence at night time. I think that something was staged like they were in a house earlier and whatever was going on was done purposely at this building where people worked. Sorry can’t put more detail in. Defiantly 2010’s

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It is not a perfect match, but could it be Josh Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods?

Not a family with kids, but a group of young people spending a weekend together at a cabin in the woods. The filmmakers eventually reveal the young people are under constant surveillance from a nearby underground control center. They are flies caught in a web. Their every move being monitored and events around them being manipulated to orchestrate a nefarious supernatural scheme. Some of the young people do eventually learn of the plot against them and discover and invade the control center.

It is horror (with a healthy dose of black comedy). It was released in 2012, so from the right time frame.

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