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This style of answering is likely carried over from the old days at NTM, where I emphasized only posting it as an answer if you were above 50% sure.

That probably wasn’t the best guideline then, and definitely doesn’t work now with the current software the community is run on, because I used to be able to convert comments to questions, but this is no longer the case.

I’m going to update the guidelines on the Ask form to try and improve things a bit, but this might be a better discussion for

I’ve added notes to both the ask and answer forms now, and *maybe* that’ll help a little.

Thanks! I noticed I could edit the titles. I will add “SOLVED” to the title for solved questions.

Actually, please avoid editing titles to add “solved.”

It’s important that the question be properly marked as solved.

Nudging the person who actually got it right to add it as an answer is a good first step, but if after a few days they haven’t, it’s okay to simply add the answer yourself and mark as best.

I realize that’s not ideal and it may seem unfair like you’re stealing points, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that someone was helped and the question is correctly marked as solved.

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