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OmegaMan Answered question Jun 15, 2022

I had been using QUORA but without success. Received a correct answer here on FilmFind quite quickly. Also, QUORA is so slow on my old PC. Just as slow as the new IMDb, whereas FilmFind pages load fast. Thanks.


Cool site!
What I would suggest is a “FAQ” tab
which explains the basics like how points are awarded, how does
one become an Expert, and the best way to “Ask”
a question. Remind askers that a Question Title of “Help me with this movie”
is not that helpful.
PS How do I change my avatar from a Capital Letter to a pic?

OmegaMan Posted new comment Jun 22, 2022

Not sure how some answers get “selected as the Best Answer”.
I don’t see a button or option for doing that. Thx

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