I am looking for a Japanese movie..

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I am looking for a Japanese movie that I started watching while on a plane in 2017 and never finished and now I somehow want to find it again to know how it ends.
So here is everything that I remember about it:
The main character was a young man (in his early 20s I guess) who was working an office job in Tokyo. He got fired from his job, and being generally depressed and lonely, he wanted to commit suicide by jumping in front of a train after leaving work. He was rescued by another man, though, and this man claimed to be an old friend from middle school (?). The main character did not really remember this friend, like, I think he remembered his name somehow, but thought he looked different, and was relatively irritated by the other man. The friend was quite a quirky and weird character, but still, they slowly became friends again, or at least started to hang out more, going to restaurants together and stuff like that.
I honestly don’t even know what genre that movie was, but I was rather sleep deprived when I started watching and as I am generally easily scared, the movie seemed somehow spooky to me – there was definitely something strange going on with the friend. I recently remembered this movie and really want to know what was going on there. I googled quite a bit, but couldn’t find it.
I think it was a rather recent movie at the time, so I think it was released in the 2010s.
Does anyone know this movie by any chance? Help would be much appreciated 🙂

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I think it is To Each His Own. It is a 2017 movie and it matches your description. 🙂

that’s the one, thank you so much!