I am looking for name of a movie. Please help to find it.


The movie’s release date should be before 2011.

As far as I can remember, the main character of the film was a young boy who had just graduated and had glasses. The main character of the film, a young boy, falls in love with someone else’s lover and causes him trouble. His father, probably a mafia or influential man, was protecting him from the trouble he caused. I remember some scenes from the movie. At the beginning of the film, the young boy was working in a shop. The boy was having an affair with his female boss at the store where he worked. There was a tense scene about the motorcycle helmet. When he was working at the store, someone in a motorcycle helmet came in and forced him out. In the final scene, the woman with whom the boy fell in love caught the boy and the ex-male lover of the girl with whom the boy fell in love naked in the same bed together. As you can see, the film was about drama and complex relationships.

themercenary Asked question Apr 18, 2021