I can’t figure out the name of a movie I watched when I was a kid :(


Hey guys,

I NEED help. So, I’m not quite sure when this movie came out but it had to the in the early 2000s. I watched this one animated movie when I was little and lived in Italy so I’m not sure if it was only released in Italy or not, but I’d appreciate any kind of help. I only remember the first couple of scenes I think. So there was a family of penguins, I believe, and they went on a family trip to the beach. Everyone was having fun one of the kids in the family was on a floatie in the water listening to music in on a headset and all of a sudden it seemed like there was either a storm or someone was about to catch her. I’m sure her name was Luna. Her dad was calling out to her but she couldn’t hear because her music was super loud. So unfortunately she was capture or something and that is the only scene I remember vividly. After being captured, Luna actually met a friend, I’m not sure what he was but he was very suave like lol. I think this movie might’ve been a musical as well? I am not sure, I haven’t watched this movie in over 10 years or so but I’ve been thinking about it for the longest, trying to figure out exactly what the name of the movie is.

Please help so my brother and I can have the nostalgic moment we’ve been wanting lol 🙂

Deewee Answered question May 2, 2021

I’m hoping this is it:


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Los pintin al rescate (2000)
1h 22min | Family, Adventure, Animation | 24 June 2003 (USA)
Los pintin al rescate Poster
The kidnapping of the youngest daughter of the Pintín, Luna, who captured by two lovable thugs is taken to the hold of a strange ship -which Noah’s ark- through which various characters of different species circulate.

Deewee Answered question May 2, 2021