I can’t find this movie no matter what I write on google X(

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Hey! So, I saw this movie yeasr ago, somwhere around 2012-2015, aand i didn’t get to know it’s title:
It’s about a waman who comes back in her town after years, and is starting to expirience paranormal activity, seeing a woman around the house, the scene that scared me a lot is the scene where she was washing her face at night and the ghost appeared behind her, after some time, ahe is led to the basement, where she finds, behind wall, a woman’s skeleton, that still has chlothes on, and is shown the way she was inprisoned there by her loved one if I remember corectly.
If anyoneknows this movie’s title,please tell me. I remember watching it at night on megamax, and if I’m right, it was in italian… Not too sure about the italian part tho…

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Is there a Frat Party involved with this movie?

I don’t realy think there was one, I know it was based on the woman, on how she was being hunted, and i remember she was living in a nice house, with nice furniture

One more question if I may. Did the woman have daughters with her in the house?

ahhh, noo, are you thinking of secrets in the walls? no… i already found that one, so, she was alone, i think she had a man helping her tho…


DariaElena, I hope this is it:

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sette_note_in_nero (The Psychic).

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sadly, it isn’t the movie i’m looking for, it was made somewehere around 2010 from the quality i remember

thank you, tho!