I can’t remember a movie about a boy that goes to Atlantis.

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I recently remembered this movie about what I think is a boy that goes to Atlantis but I can’t quite remember the name and I also don’t know if its Atlantis or not.

In the movie there is a boy that’s scared of jumping from the highest diving board in his school swimming pool, and because of this fear he has bullies. I believe that he goes to sleep and wakes up in a strange empty black and white grassy hill but this is all very fuzzy so I don’t know for sure. He walks around a while and eventually he meets this dragon that he rides to Atlantis. When they arrive they meet this lady, I believe she says something about how they need to save Atlantis by defeating someone evil and taking an orb that they were using. They go to the evil person and defeat them (I don’t remember the fight scene at all), and they take the orb and go back to Atlantis. I think the boy talks about his fear of the highest diving board or something because I can’t remember how they get to the scene where he jumps off a diving board that goes into a very deep pit, and that’s when he wakes up. Afterwards the boy gets bullied more but the dragon he met in Atlantis comes out and drives them away and that’s the end.

Some large things is that I don’t fully remember the boy’s name or if the evil person fight even happened or if I just accidentally made up the fight while trying to remember the movie. Anyways I hope this is enough information to find the movie, and I hope that the entire movie wasn’t just in my head because none of my family members remember it at all even though I remember all of us watching it together.

I hope someone can help me remember the movie. Another thing that might help is that I think the title had something about infinity in it but I don’t know for sure because again, this is really fuzzy.

Obuddy389 Posted new comment Jul 17, 2021

“The NeverEnding Story II: The Next Chapter”
Nevermind! It was found while I was looking through DVDs.
Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_NeverEnding_Story_II:_The_Next_Chapter