I can’t remember the title of this movie

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I remember I saw this movie on a CD years ago at a family member house. The movie was taken place in a zombie apocalypse, the main character was a kid between the ages 12-16 the was with his dad. I remember it starting with a man role-playing a Greek warrior and fighting another man dress in the same outfit with swords. The mans girlfriend was watching them (I believe she was seating on top of a car). After the whole zombie thing started and the man and the kid got to in group together with other people. I remember they were running down the a hallway and a man trip then a zombie pull his spin out with its hand and more zombies start eating him alive the others just watch for a second but then keep running as the man is screaming in pain. I believe the dad dies and the warriors gets over Thorne with zombie. The boy is the only left and went to look for his mother. When he gets to her house he finds out his mother is turned into a zombie and as she is about to eat him the warrior kills her and it turns out he wasn’t dead after all then the movie ends.

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