Hi there, I would really apreciate if someone can help me find the title for a movie I watched back in the 80’s. I remember just 2 or 3 scenes. One is very specific as I haven’t seen that scene anywhere else. I remember there was a bad guy like a bully always picking on the same teenagers and at one point, they took revenge while he was with a girl in his car they were kind of watching a movie in a drive in. The kids, were around 15 or 17, came and stuffed the car’s exhaust pipe with hot dogs, burgers and everything they could find while laughing silently. Then I think they waited or they just waved they guy to come after them and when he started the car there was a lot of noise and then the muffler exploded. That’s the scene I remember the most and I haven’t seen that anywhere else. Then there was another scene that happened in an arcade, someone was playing on a pinball machine and then there was like a contest or competition between two guys who could play better on the pinball machine and they were surrounded by the other teens, I don’t remember much the rest I think someone won and the other got pretty mad about it. And the third scene which is very very blurry in my mind is a scene when there were a lot of teenagers talking and they had their feets on the water I don’t remember if it was a lake, a pool but they were sitting with clothes and their bare feets on the water. But that last scene, don’t trust me much on it, it might even be from another movie I watched during the same day or week and maybe my memories are confused. But the scene at the drive in where the teenagers stuffed the guy’s exhaust pipe with food that scene I do remember the most and it was epic and funny, it’s just impossible for me to find anything on google about that scene, or someone who may have wrote about it.

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