i cant remember what on earth this obscure low budget animated film was

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what little detail i remember is that it was about a happy little girl with pale skin and long blond ponytails on either side, who one day wakes up in her little bed and suddenly has black hair and is goth now for some reason. she goes downstairs and her family is there and i really vividly remember her grandma who has beady little eyes, is wearing a tye dye shirt and is trying to bend a spoon with her mind. it was just bizarre. i think her family takes her to these scientist dudes who like trap her in some sort of experiment room? i think?? its so unclear what happened. i think it was to get the bad stuff out of her head, which i think were like little colorful blobs and spikeballs with eyeballs maybe. they were like the bad thoughts or emotions, or were like taking over her mind??? idfk. i also remember a maze or something??? idk it might be other details mixing together though. i believe the family gets her back to her normal blond happy self by the end. the art style was slightly and probaby unintentionally grotesque looking, with the characters having large eyeballs and heads, but really skinny bodies.
i saw it about four years ago while on an icelandair flight so maybe it was in icelandic? i dont really remember much else besides that, but it is really chewing me up from the inside to know what on earth this bizarre show was.

farcry Answered question Jun 4, 2022