i dont know the title thats what im trying to find out

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Ok so I only remember bits and pieces I hope someone will recognize this movie and can help. So its about this man and woman,she could never say she loved him then he got sick. She went to see him at the hospital and he was already gone doctors said he died but she never saw the body. I think the doctors we’re giving people something that turned them into creatures. She was on her way back to her camp and she crashed. She broke her leg the truck was upside down and it was night time and thats when the creatures come out. LONG STORY SHORT LOL one of the creatures kept trying to get to her but it wasnt trying to hurt her. After she injured it massively it was laying on top of her and lightly dragged his fingers across her face. She use to do that with her boyfriend that “died” and thats when she realized it was him. They watched the sun rise as he was dying and she put their heads together and shot him and herself together. PLEEEEASSSE HELP!!!

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OMG THANK YOU!!!!! Your a life saver.

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You’re welcome!

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