I don`t remember this movie.

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Father is an old and and ailing Businessman. He tells his son it`s time he takes over the business. Father sends son on a business trip to some country. Upon arrival the son and his friend are kidnapped and taken to some country side where they are assigned some responsibilities in that village. The son meets with some girl with a cart coming from the market and falls in love with her. They get in love and decide to marry. The movie ends in their wedding ceremony. The father crushes the wedding with guns.
The movie starts with an old man staggering along a path saying the following words.
“There is an unholy spell over this village. Our foolish greed has laid a dent on our past. No one marries now in …(Village name). The old man confessed to wat he knew, yet there is nothing to be done about it. “

TangaiFrederick Asked question May 13, 2021