I dunno the name of the film. I hope you guys can help me find it.


So the movie is about a barbershop in the hood and no it is not the barber shop film franchise.It involves a black dude in love with a white chick who has a very possessive bf. Its been a year since i watched the trailer and the info is hazy. Its a comedy movie and the white chick even dawns the famous playboy bunny outfit.There is also a scene where the possessive bf attacks a pizza delivery guy on a bike mistakenly and another scene where the black guy is fondling with the white chick’s feet as well as another scene where she pretends to faint in front of her bf I guess.In the trailer I guess one dude’s penis was reffered as a snake as well.Now as I said its been a year and the info is hazy and some of it may even be wrong but any help in recognizing the film is apperaciated.

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