In this movie I believe that there were a couple of police officers or detectives. The ending of the movie is so very vivid in my head and I even remember a few lines to the song the girl was singing. In the end a girl was in a white two-piece bikini dancing on stage singing a song that went just like this… Shake and bake in the sun, how much hotter can one get, another day in Paradise…. And no just so you know it is not the movie called another day in Paradise about the druggies. This was a tropical island type movie like I say the girl was dancing on the stage in a two-piece white bikini and the song words may be reversed. Meaning she could have been singing it this way. Another day in Paradise,shake and bake in the sun how much hotter can one get.. and I do remember that off to the side of the stage that the girl was singing on was one of those Beach type bars like made out of bamboo with bamboo leaves like for a roof.

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