I know thisovie exists…I watched it either on DVD or streaming. Help?

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A Man and his daughter go on the run and take refuge in major European city that he and his wife honeymooned in before she died…

What I can remember: While in the European city, he and his daughter end up staying a with a family that lives above a bistro or restaurant (something of that nature). They intentionally stay off the grid – no cell phones, etc. However, one day while the father was out (on an errand?) the daughter sneaks in to a room (maybe the kitchen of the apartment?) and turns her phone on to message or talk to a friend or a boy (can’t remember which).

Not long after, the father came back and found the apartment door ajar. When he pushed it open and looked around, he found each member of the family they were staying with, murdered.

The daughter had been hiding or she had fled the apartment (can’t remember)

The dad ends up borrowing (or cheaply buying) a beater car from a neighbor and he and his daughter go to a large bank that has a lot of camera security. He tells his daughter that if he is not back to the car in a certain amount of time, she needs to go to this specific place. So she waits longer than he asked her to and I think she went in after him. They get in the car (or two separate cars??) and then take off thought the streets going very fast. I remember the city was sort of circular.

If I recall correctly, one of the last lines was something to the effect of having advantage of knowing the city so we’ll because he had there so many times before with his late wife.

I have searched high and low all over the internet and in forums. The only result I end up with is Taken with Liam Neeson. That is not the movie that I’m talking about.

It is not a comedy or romantic movie. I would call it an action movie or action thriller.

I watched it either on a DVD or on a streaming service like Amazon Prime or Netflix at home.

Please help! This is driving me crazy. I would love to see it again!

farcry Answered question Nov 26, 2021