Okay so years ago maybe like 5 years ago not more than 8 I believe, anyways I was watching this scary movie and I believe it was on syfy and all I remember is the ending but I have literally been looking for the movie for a year now, no joke. All I remember at the end of the movie was it’s this girl and she jumps out of a cave I believe and she has fire and she was frantically trying to get out of the cave and she gets out and I believe the creature followed her which used to be her friend of some sort who got I guessed possessed and like is some animal who likes human meat. Anyways she kills the friend who I remember has scary teeth (idk ahh) and kills her with a huge rock like she gets on top of the friend because they were fighting and they’re white anyways she gets on top of the friend and smashes are skull with the massive rock. I have literally been looking for this movie for over a year and its not the cave nor the decent because I’ve looked into those. Please HELP! Thanks btw I know this isn’t enough info but please help! another thing my email is wrong so if you need my contact just comment thanks again.

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