i need to find 2 of these movies pls help me!!

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sorry about my english 🙁

1-) opening scene is driving with old mustang style car. then a truck chase them for no reason. ram them from back. mustang is really muscled car but that old truck somehow faster than mustang. movie is about a monster whos taking peoples eyes. monster has wings. i think movie is from 90s or early 2000s.

2-) this one really blurry i was really little when i see that movie. there was a woman who is devil or evil. one high school boy or university boy. girl always sex with him and kills their friends. after some killings boy regret and started to fear her. i remember the scene that girl play with victims bowels and other scene is killing american football player and burry him in the schools stadium. blood scenes are like plastic makeup. movie is really old but im not sure that is colored or black/white movie.

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First movie Jeepers Creepers (2001)


I think movie #1 is Jeepers Creepers.
I think movie #2 might be Jennifer’s Body.

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second movie is old movie like in 80s or 60s. jeepers creepers is correct

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