I really want to find this animated movie about robots that I watched in 2015(It’s not Robots).

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Alrights so there’s this animated movie about a robot society living in mars(I think). And from what I remember the protagonist was this blue-ish robot who had just arrived to the planet, and apparently he was a special robot who was created by some famous scientist or something. I think he was sort of like a choosen one type of thing, but he didn’t unlock his abilities until the end of the movie. I don’t remeber much about the movie except of a scene where the robot’s at a bar and there being a fight scene at the end with a gian robot. There were no humans aside from the scientist I mentioned. I watched this movie around 2015, during the Cartoon Network movie block called CineCartoon in Mexico. I know for a fact that it’s not the movie Robots, and I wasn’t able to find it anywhere in the Internet (Most likely becuase it sound a lot like Star Wars and Robots). If anyone knows about this movie I would highly appreciate it.

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Was he a bluish robot with a human face or totally animated?

I think the movie was 100% CGI so it was probably animated

Not Exosquad, he’s blue CGI.


I don’t think it’s this movie. It’s around the same level of quality but I don’t remeber the character design being nearly as bad. Also, I think the plot was more about a choosen one robot instead of a pair of friend on an adventure.

we can guarantee only 1 human, and it is robots not aliens?