I remeber only funny ending of the movie.


Need movie name. I remember only the ending and nothing else. The antagonist boards the plane escaping justice. He sits down smiling, thinking he escaped. He needs to go to toilet, there is a fat kid in front of him in line. He takes kid’s place by pushing him and saying something bad (probably something like he is being big and kid small so he will take his place). Fat kid look mad watching him go into toilet. Next scene shows villain exits a toilet with smile on his face when he hear a yelling, something like: That’s him! That’s the man who touched me! He sees fat kid down the passage line pointing at him with captain and stewardesses behind him. Kid says something about how he made him sit on his knee and play – (“santa clause” – not sure about this) and touching his private parts. Everybody look at villain direction, he loses the smile realising kid is accusing him for being a pedophile and he is scre*ed. I think maybe there was a short shot of showing fat kid smiling last. It was comic ending. But i think there was no kids in the movie as main characters, it was probably a comedy/action.

ItsAbacus2009 Answered question May 26, 2021

The movie you’re thinking of is Lost and found. It was a David spade movie from 1999

ItsAbacus2009 Answered question May 26, 2021