i saw this movie as a little child only remembering 2 vague scenes


So i saw this weird movie as a child and i only remember two vague scenes.One was in a bathroom with a woman and for some reason a dude in a astronaut costum walks in i think with a gun and that dude might’ve been an extraterial being but he wasnt talking and the visor was black couldnt see his place.The next scene wason a beach with some persons and they all gatherd to cremate someone viking style in a little boat with a gas cylinder on it or using it to burn the guy.Thats it i dont remember anything else but i really wana find this movie.Thanks

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Maybe Riverworld (2003 TV Movie)
Keyword: woman in a bath, astronaut. Also included is the Viking warlord in the movie plot.

I couldn’t find the 2003 version of the movie anywhere.


It’s not a movie but that sounds like the opening two episodes of Doctor Who series 6 “The Impossible Astronaut” and “Day of the Moon”

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