I seek this movie and can only provide the male actor’s lookalike picture

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Here’s the male actor lookalike picture: (that’s George Eastman picture, but not the actor that I was looking for, he’s just the look alike)

Then if I find the actor, I could find the movie which is about a female doctor(iirc) who believes that love is all chemical interations in the brain, I think, if I remember correctly(aka iirc), and I remember that the guy says at some point that “cats are dicks” or “cats are assholes” (not really sure which, or if exactly that)

It’s a romance/romantic movie, at least. Probably made between [2016-2020] but I think it’s more like [2018-2020]

I’ve been looking for this for only 3 hours now…

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Someone found the actor and the movie! Thank you/them!
Tony Kebbell from The Female Brain https://www.imdb.com/title/tt5752360/

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typo, it’s: Toby Kebbell


I’ve found someone else who looks a lot like the actor that I’m looking for, if his face were slimmer (this is bienluienapris from instagram) I’ve used “same.energy” site. This is probably his closest doppelganger… Any ideas?

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