Okay so I watched this movie ages ago in school and it was put on by my teacher because he got tired of teaching, so this is as much as I can remember of it:
The startincmg scene(or it was at the beginning kind of) two people(I think they were ladies but I’m not sure) walk up to each other make put and one of them gives a oval pill to the other and continue walking.

Then after some stuff that I dont remember happening happens two girls were running, a black one and a white one(I think she was white??) And they are jumping and it looks like a normal field but it like had thorns like a hedgehog(but they are clear so look like glass) I remember that the black girl kinda jumped like a cat and when the white girl was about to fall face first on the thorns(she was slowly slipping and the rocks were not going to hold her for long) the black girl saved her.

And at the end the main character (the one that I think was white) is in a normal modern looking street and is behaving normally and walks away from a man


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