I’m looking for a film where a family moves from the suburbs to a house in the woods/country


Hello, I just found this forum on Google and I have a movie that I just can’t for the life of me remember what it was called.

I know much about this film except its title or any of the actors that were in it. It was filmed and set in either the 80’s or early 90’s. It was probably a family comedy.

The movie begins with a semi animated opening as the Father of a nuclear family (Husband, Wife, 2 kids and pet Dog) introduces his family with drawn caricatures of them fade onto the screen, ending with them all tied together with phone cables.

As the film begins the Father expresses displeasure at his life living in the suburbs of a major city (probably LA or New York) complaining about the green sky caused by pollution and the sludge that comes out of his taps at home. One day, he and his family return home to see a large truck pull out of the street they live on and their home empty of possessions, all stolen. Wanting a new life, he and his family move out of the suburbs and into a new home and community in the forest/woods. There they meet many new neighbors including a husband and wife that are militaristic preppers who help them gather food and supplies for their new cabin in the woods. Soon, supplies and chickens get stolen and the Father begins increasing security around his home with the help of a friend and one of the preppers. Towards the the end of the movie a storm begins to roll in and the community begins to panic buy supplies from the local store. One scene features the Father arguing with an old lady of some rations and eventually taking them form her making the old lady angry. Soon the storm rolls in and the family house gets mobbed by their neighbors as their houses get washed away by a flooding river, the Family house being the last one left. It is revealed at this point that the Preppers were the ones stealing the families supplies when the Mother recognizes one of her stolen chickens that the preppers brought to the house. Eventually the Family house begins to lift off its foundations and float away, causing everyone inside to flee except the Father. He scramble to escape as the house crumbles in the flooded river and everyone believes that he is dead, until he reappears on the riverbank alive. The film ends with family returning to the city and talking about how good it is to be back, ending on a lingering shot of the city skyline and the faint, green sky.

As you can see, i remember much of the plot of the film except for any relevant details. This can’t have been a dream because the plot is too concise and everything adds up or comes back around in the end whereas a dream would be too random.
I have searched for this movie on Wikipedia, Google, IMDb and even the IMDb keyword search and come up with nothing, this is my last resort. The film has a similar plot to the Adventures of the Wilderness Family (but can’t be because that film is to old) and features a town community like The Great Outdoors (But isn’t that one either because I remember the title and cast).

I hope that someone here can remember my film,


Gen-Awesome Asked question Jul 10, 2021