I´m looking for a movie about bank robbing friends in Thailand


I believe the movie was set in Thailand but it could be a similar southeast Asian country. So five friends, among them a pair of brothers, all rob a bank together. One of the brothers, the older, is caught by authorities while the others escape to asia. The brother waits in prison and doesn’t snitch, spending all his time reading, until his release. He´s got a girlfriend he reunites with but then leaves against her wishes to go to Thailand and track down his friends to get his share of the money after all this time, only to find out they’re all broke. One owns a small strip club, one owns a small yacht, oneś married to a millionaire’s daughter, the one who had been the getaway driver turned out to be a rat, whose brother is a Thai cop, and the one black friend has an adopted daughter he rescued from a tsunami. The guy recently released wants his money, so he gets the others in on a plan to get more. Thereś a black-American rival gang that tears up the strip club, they get the millionaire father killed (It was the helicopter landing pad where he died), so the siblings (the wife of one of the friends with two boys, and her Thai cop brother) kill off the friends in revenge. All the friends die in the end, including the husband, and the last scene is a zoom-in of the black friend’s face/eye.

Please help!!! I believe I watched it on Netflix. Cant find it though.

m.i.a Asked question May 7, 2021