The film I’m looking for can be described as follow:
A man lost his memory due to the fall of part of a roof on his head when someone robbed the place he was walking on. The insurance company gives him a significant amount of money against the promise he won’t sue them. He accepts and, because he lost his memory, he devotes all his money trying to remember his former life. For that he pays a man who will do all his bindings, like hiring actors who will play the part of some people the man seem to vaguely remember (one is a pianist playing the same song over and over). They usually wear masks because they are “anonymous”. For some reason (I can’t remember why) the man will end up having some of these actors to reenact possibly the robbery that led to his memory loss. But in the end they really rob a bank (without them knowing) that happen to be the one from the beginning of the film. And in the course of this robbery he received a part of the roof on the head…

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was this in english? how old is it? was it a comedy at all?