I’m looking for this film for 10+ years



I remember when I was a child I used to have a movie on VHS tapes. It was a two in one movie.

The movie I am trying to remember is about a boy that is left at home whilst the parents are away on a trip. The boy is left with I think a house made and 2 dogs (I think) however the house gets broken into and the boy is kidnapped and brought to an abandoned amusement park.

There is a part in the film is when the parents get notified they are on their way back in a taxi, they ask the driver to go faster but he pretends to not understand until the parent offer large money for going fast and the taxi driver says “oh you want to go FASTE” and he slams his foot down and races to the house.

Luckily when they get home the 2 dogs helped locate the boy and was able to dig under a barn shed and free the boy and the police arrested the kidnappers.

I think the film was filmed 1970s-2000s, US film frok my memory.

It’s not BENJI

Would love the help in solving my 10 year mystery


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