in search of movie, scene or tv show, etc that connects to a short fiction story

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In search of a movie or any filmed performance (scene/tv show, etc) that connects to or is similar to ONE of the following short fiction stories and their themes (for an English essay). It does not have to be exact just relatable and similar.

Night Watch by Justin Torres- Identity and belonging. The young boy narrator’s attempt to belong to his family and the world at large. He navigates a childhood with 2 brothers complicated by abuse by their father and poverty (it CANNOT be the movie We The Animals based on the book).

Husband Feeder by Sarah Rose Etter – The narrator is a female in a dysfunctional relationship where the husband is consumed, never happy with what he has, and is losing control while the wife is losing control of herself by giving everything to him, even giving of herself to satisfy him (after consuming everything in sight, she allows him to bite off her thumb).

Arthur Snatchfold by E.M. Forster – The homosexual experience between a young man and an elderly, rich industrialist, and was written to criticize society’s abhorrence towards same-sex intimacy. The short story not only focuses on the taboo subject of 20th Century homoeroticism but also on social class. These two characters are of different classes, but their sexual connection is explored by Forster when the narrator exclaims ‘They understood one another with a precision impossible for lovers.’. Forster creates an opposition between working-class and upper-class character and allows them to connect through one factor they have in common – same-sex desire.

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Maybe The Notebook (2013) has some similar tones to Night Watch.


Maybe Maurice starring Hugh Grant? It’s also based on a E.M. Forster novel with similar themes.

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