Incest under constraint, and a cauterized cut limb – movie from at least 40 years ago

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This movie is probably from between 1950 and 1975/1980 (I’ve seen it 40 years ago on tv). I think it was in color. I don’t know why but I think it was either a war movie or a heist movie, maybe both.

I’m almost sure that one of the actors was Ernest Borgnine but I’ve never been able to spot the movie by looking at his credits, so I might be wrong.

The scene takes place underground, probably something like in the galleries of the New York metro, outside public reach. Could also be an abandoned or bombed train station undergrounds, any damaged underground railway actually.

Several (at least two) men at hiding here. One of them has a cut limb (accident? war?) and the other ones prepare a fire, and put a piece of metal (rail section, I think) on the fire to heat it. They then apply the piece on the man’s wound to cauterize it.

When the bad guy(s) arrive, they force some of the men, at gun point, to start a sexual relationship, and they laugh because two of them are brothers.

That’s all I have. I’m not even sure this is all accurate (not sure all events are in the same scene, but I’m pretty sure this is the same movie). Needless to say I shouldn’t have seen this at that age (I was 8) but there were no PG ratings at the time, I guess… (I remember my parents being shocked too). I don’t think anything was sexually explicit, but the tone made the scene(s) exhausting. Sorry for bringing up such a sordid topic but I’d really like to solve this mystery.

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I come to realize that maybe those two scenes (cauterized limb, forced incest) are from different movies. I have no way to be sure. I hope I’m not wasting your time, people. Please help me find the answer(s). 🙂


This is an excellent idea, but this is not the one, essentially because of the time frame.

Escape was released the year I watched my movie on tv but at the time (in France) all movies on tv were at least 6 years old due to regulations. And there’s no chance this viewing could have happened later, say in 1987 for example. This memory is much older than that.

Also there’s almost zero chance my father would have watched this with me, he never watched science-fiction. That’s why I was thinking it may be a war movie.

However, I have to congratulate you for this idea, because indeed it’s very close to what I exposed in the question. 🙂


It inspired a lot copy-cat films, especially cheap Italian knock-offs. Maybe one of those could be the movie you are looking for.

Good idea. I will look into this. Thanks!

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