Indie movie, 2015-2020, about a man who has to take care of a kid in NYC

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I’m losing my mind. Never saw it, only the trailer, can’t remember any actors. The guy I think was 30s, nerdy/misanthropic type. The kid is a tween? I’m 90% sure they’re in NYC and there’s significant scenes on the subway? I’m 65% sure the kid is his niece? He has to take care of her and really doesn’t want to. It was very indie with limited release. Please and thank you 🙏

(it’s not KEANE or EXTREMELY LOUD INCREDIBLY CLOSE or STAND CLEAR FOR CLOSING DOORS, but I vaguely think it has a long title like that)

UPDATE: It *may* be BEFORE I DISAPPEAR (2014) which is the same basic plot but the trailer doesn’t seem familiar 😢 I’ll keep checking if anyone has any other ideas…

UPADTE 2: I’m 95% sure BEFORE I DISAPPEAR is not the movie I’m thinking of, but I might have mixed them up, so actually all I know is it’s a movie (drama/comedy?) about a 30-something yo dude and a kid on the NYC subway, and I’m pretty sure it was at Sundance…

farcry Answered question Dec 2, 2021

Have you looked into Curfew (2012)?
The short film Before I Disappear (2014) is based on.

LiskaO Posted new comment Dec 3, 2021

I saw a trailer for the short but, no, the movie I’m thinking of had a different shooting style and the guy was more of a nerdy/geeky type 😢 thank you for trying