kung fu film late 80s or 90s era

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This movie starts out with a guy dragging a box through the woods with a little girl accompanying him laughing and giggling. He goes to a bar where he fights a bunch of people trying to take the box because it is supposed to grant whoever takes it to a shrine a wish. The guy drags it to the place fighting along the way a bunch of people who try to steal it and it ressurects some demon girl and he wishes to fight her and it ends from what i remember with them just fighting for all eternity.

there are alot of scenes i can recall, like one guy in a group of 5 or 6 had a long gun, and the guy who has the box stole it from someone else. he loses the box to someone in the woods and tracks her down to take it back. multiple kung fu wire fight scenes.

If there is anything else i might be able to tell you to help let me know i will do the best i can. The last time i saw the movie was around 2008. i am 90% certain it was subtitled so probably chinese origin, but could have been american made.

VHS_Lives Answered question Mar 19, 2022