Late-90s early 2000s Drama Sci-Fi TV episode


Years ago, maybe early 2000s, I saw a drama TV show episode, in which a bullied teenage boy who has some sort of psychic ability or super power (if my memory serves me correctly) and he may have been mulatto and had only one friend, a girl (who was probably his crush too). Also certain it took place in and/or around a high school too. He later earns the respect from the students who bullied him and saved his school with his powers, though I’m not too sure about that.

I’m fairly sure it was a drama series centered around Science Fiction subplots and that the main characters were helping this boy.

I remember that the series was on American TV network (thought it was TNT but didn’t find the series or episode there).

Does this description ring a bell with anybody? I’ve been trying to find it for so long but have not had much luck. Any helpful links and information would be appreciated.

JoeKing12001 Answered question Jul 27, 2022