Late 90s or early 2000s film where teachers go insane, scratch chalk all over chalkboard

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I’ve been looking for this movie for YEARS. I know it’s not The Faculty.

I saw part of this movie on TV as a child in the early 2000s, so I might be remembering it incorrectly. One part I remember is a bus full of children rocking back and forth on its wheels as the driver sped down this hilly road going way too fast, and all the kids were screaming. The other part I remember is a teacher in a classroom “writing” on the board, but what she “wrote” was just a bunch of scratchmarks which she thought were words. The kids were all getting freaked out and she just kept screaming at them “sit down now” but it was like it was hard for her to talk. Her arm was kind of moving jerkily as well and I remember her being old, like middle aged maybe, but again I saw this when I was really young so I’m not positive.

laurie Asked question Mar 6, 2021