I’m trying to find the name of a film I saw on TV some time ago. It was produced somewhere in Latin America, but I can’t remember the exact country. I don’t remember exactly, but I think the actors spoke Spanish. The film was produced in 21st century, perhaps around 2016-2018…?

The film was about a middle-aged woman who purchased a ticket to travel on an alien spaceship. She was tired of her normal life and wanted to go on a planet far away to start a new life. The woman left her home to go to some school-like building to wait for the spaceship to arrive. There she met other passengers who were hoping to get on board. The passengers had to train for the arrival of the spaceship, because it would stop on Earth for a very short period of time, 20 minutes or something. They had alarms waking them up and they had to run into the spaceship’s landing place.

The characters that the woman met at the spaceship-waiting-place included at least an aspiring middle-aged musician and a young woman pregnant for an alien. The main character woman also met some middle-aged man whom she developed feelings for.

I don’t quite remember what happened before the arrival, but the musician man died for some reason. There was some young man who was hiding his girlfriend on the roof of the spaceship-waiting-centre and trying to steal a ticket for her. When the spaceship arrived, the young man hit the main character woman in the head and stole her ticket. As the woman was unconscious, she missed the departure of the spaceship and was left on Earth. Depressed, she had to return home. But when she returned home, she realised that the man she had feelings for had dropped out of the spaceship after he realised the woman was not in there. They had a happily-ever-after and, if I remember correctly, the film suggested that the passengers on the spaceship became food for the aliens.

I’m sorry for a slightly confusing and long explanation, my memories of the film aren’t very good. I’m hoping to find the name of this film so I can see it again. I remember enjoying it despite the rather silly plot. 🙂

P.S. I apologise for any mistakes, English isn’t my first language.

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