Looking for a 90s Sci Fi apocalyptic movie.

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Hi all,

Thanks for the help with this one!

I admit I only have a very vague recollection of the movie since I probably saw it over 20 years ago. But here’s what I remember in point form:

– I know I would have seen it in the 90s so I’m assuming it was also made in the 90s.
– It was a thriller/sci fi movie and I recall it included a small crew of characters on some sort of ship or station in space.
– I don’t remember the majority of the plot but I recall the ending had an android/cybernetic member of the crew that goes off the rails and tried to kill or destroy the crew. They finally beat it and I recall a scene where they dismantle the android so that nothing but its head and spine remain while they question it.
– At some point along the way there’s an apocalyptic world war 3 that essentially results in nuclear war that destroys most of life on earth.
– Also near the end two of our crew a male and female return to Earth to find it completely devoid of life with skeletal remains being some of the only signs of humanity left. At some point they find a recording from one of the skeletal remains that recounts the end.
– It was definitely gory and I would imagine rated R. I was probably younger than I should have been when I saw it.

Sadly I don’t remember much else. This may not be enough to go on or it may just be the remnants of a fever dream but if anyone has any suggestions I’d love to hear them!

Thanks again!

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Terminal Voyage (1994).

This was asked on another website 2 times 6 and 8 years ago and luckily it was found back then.
I’ve googled this: movie|film+sci-fi+crew+station|ship|spaceship+robot|android+kill|killing+earth
Which lead to this:

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Yep that looks like that’s it! Thanks!