– I saw this in French (dubbed), I think the original language was English.
– Summer camp with dorm rooms.
– The summer camp goers are not kids, more like teenagers or young adults.
– Character names I remember: Gail or Gale (a counselor I think) – but I am not 100% sure of her name, and George: a geek or someone very shy and that lacks confidence.
– I remember a girly-girl with hot a body who likes to sleep with a short top and panties, on maybe the top bunk
– There’s a guy who likes big boobs (he makes a motion with his hands at one point describing “big boobs”) and near the end he gives his hat to George, and one of the other camp girls says “Hi ______” (the guy who likes big boobs), but it’s actually George and he says (I think): “No, it’s George” or “No, it’s me, George) in a deep voice, right before jumping on the bus to go home. It’s hard to say what it actually sounded like in English.
– I think at one point they are paint balling and two guys are together in the forest, one says: “It’s Gail” (or something like that) and the camera zooms out and you see Gail almost in front of them. I think Gail had long, poofy or curly hair.
– There’s a “bad guy” that I think Gail fights at one point near the end. I think there’s a bit of martial arts in there. They eventually bury the hatchet.
– Everyone leaves with a lesson learned, and remember being happy for George who left with confidence 🙂

– Wet Hot American Summer (2001)
– Indian Summer (1993)
– Camp Cucamonga (1990)
– Camp Nowhere (1994)
– Little Darlings (1980)
– Heavyweights (1995)
– Ernest Goes to Camp (1987)
– The Parent Trap (1998)
– Summer Camp (1979)


Edited comment

Maybe “a pig’s tale”? There was “Party Camp”, “Oddballs”, many Meatballs sequels and a few french films too. I cannot track the paintball scene, but the film you need should be in this list search of 147 titles (camp was plot word, films between 70-96, of which all the above are in.

Oops, lol, I am still new here and replied in the Answer section!

I was thinking also, that let’s say this is the movie I saw when I was young https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0179479/?ref_=ttfc_fc_tt (Summer Camp 1978), then no wonder it’s hard to find, and hard to figure out if it is that one, with no info besides the director (his Wikipedia page shows Summer Camp 1978 but it’s not clickable so there is no way of seeing this movie’s info).

I feel this movie I am looking for wasn’t a popular movie and fear that I will never find it, and if I do, it’ll be by accident! lol