Looking for a horror/thriller movie

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Hi, I’ve been looking for this movie for a few years now and I really need help. I hope you can answer based on what I remember:
– The movie started out with our main girl having a small get-together with her friends at her house. At some point, one of her friends falls down the stairs and dies and they suspect someone pushed her. I don’t remember anything that happened afterwards, but I know around the end of the movie our main girl and the girl who died are upstairs. Main girl overhears the other making fun of her and calling her ugly(?), so she pushes her down the stairs and buries her outside. The movie ends with main girl in what looks like a hospital room, laughing crazily as all her friends surround her bed. From what I remember, you find out the get-together didn’t actually happen and she was just hallucinating out of loneliness.

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