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so like two years ago I was looking trought the old Netflix searching for “Detective Movies” when I randomly watched this movie that started with like this couple of dudes walking to a forest, not important, that scene ended with some girl getting murdered in that forest after having a nonchalant conversation with her killer, then the camera flies all the way to a building where our fearless main character gets a call to solve the murder, then the whole thing is told in a non linear narrative, pretty beautiful use of long takes in this film.

List of other stuff I remember:

The girl is his daughter but that isn’t revealed until later
She’s like a stripper or something, she works in a club, when they meet she tells him some dude has a weapon in the club and he goes to stop him
He goes to a mansion where he is recieved by some lady with no pants where they share alcohol/weed, he says something like “It’s a shame when two people don’t share the same vices”
There’s another girl who is like asian, she’s the romantic interest
He shoots the people who got her daughter killed in that mansion, but not the killer, not sure if he kills him later in some car cinema or if he gets away
I’m slightly sure the two dudes from the first scene show up at the ending and hurt the detective dude, so he’s like bleeding in some parts of the movie, nonlinear and all
He dances with his daughter who doesn’t know its his daughter in some bar in another scene
There’s like a flashback scene where he tells the mother of the killed daughter that he’s the dad of the girl in some hotel after she tells him the story how she was abandoned while pregnant

Sorry if that doesn’t make a lot of sense, english ins’t my primary language

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